Understanding the concept of Yin and Yang

The principle of dualism sustains the existence of all types of phenomena i.e. systems. This can be found in social order, environmental changes, the human body, etc.

These phenomena exist all around us and they all belong to the principle of dualism (Yin and Yang) which is basically a concept of harmonizing and balancing of phenomena.

Ancient Chinese philosophers were greatly interested in the relationships and patterns that exist in nature. Instead of studying isolated phenomena, they viewed the world as a harmonious and holistic entity. In their eyes, no single being or form could exist unless it was seen in relation to its environment. They tried to explain complicated phenomena in the universe by simplifying these relationships in the theory of Yin and Yang.

Yin and Yang as a concept is one of the most fundamental concepts in Traditional Chinese Medicine and this concept is the foundation of diagnosis and treatment.

There are four basic rules which govern the relationship between Yin and Yang

Yin and Yang

1) Yin and Yang cannot exist without each other:

When a state of total Yin is reached Yang begins to grow. At the same time nothing is totally Yin or Yang. Yin contains seed of Yang and Yang contains seed of Yin.

2) Yin and Yang Transform into Each Other:

Yin and Yang constantly transform into each other. This is a dynamic state. For example day changes into night, day is Yang night is Yin. Yang reaches its peak at midday and from that moment, Yin grows out of Yang until it reaches its peak at midnight. This same phenomenon can be seen in, for example, Spring comes only when Winter is finished.

3) Yin and Yang Mutually Consume or Control each Other:

The relative state of Yin and Yang are continuously changing and they are changing harmoniously. When one becomes dominant it has a tendency to weaken or consume the other.

4) Yin and Yang Oppose Each Other: 

For example: cold and hot, night and day, etc…

Acupuncture Treatment

Any form of health disorder is due to the fact that the proper flow of “Qi”, pronounce as “chi”, (often translated as “energy”) is blocked or Qi is insufficient or Qi is flowing in the wrong direction within the body..

Acupuncture treatment is used to balance and harmonize Yin and Yang in the body. This is done by manipulating and stimulating the proper flow of Qi through a system of channels all over the body (also known as meridians). This is done by needling specific Acupuncture points on the channels.

Heat, laser or electro-acupuncture can be applied to the specific acupuncture points, depending on the method of treatment used by the Acupuncturist.